Hornsby Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Connecting You To Christ

Who We Are

The mission of Hornsby Baptist Church is to bring people to Jesus and membership in His family.  Our goal is to worship God through Prayer, Preaching and Teaching of Scripture, and Giving.  To help each individual develop to Chirstlike maturity in service and to magnify God's holy name.
Wherever you are today, we want to help you grow closer to God. Whether you have been committed to Christ for many years or you are still seeking a personal relationship with the Savior: HBC is here to Connect You To Christ (CU2C).
There are six Core Values which sets the bases of our mission:
     1. Prayer - communicating with God.
     2. Preaching and Teaching Scripture - communicating God's Word to people.
     3. Giving  - supporting God's Kingdom work.
     4. Family - providing a faith nurturing direction for the family
     5. Community - caring and addressing the needs of others.
     6. Worship - the glorification of God.